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Live Asian Handicap soccer

Postby bangminton » Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:56 pm

Hey guys, I made a mistake today and thought I would post to remind myself and also to warn others...I was following the West Ham United and Sunderland game this morning and decided to place a bet on Pinny for West Ham United +0.5 when they were already leading 2-1.

I had a fairly substantial ProLine payout waiting on Sunderland to win by 1 because Empoli already came through earlier with odds of 9.00 so I thought I would try to at least get my ProLine fares back. I was in a hurry to place the bet before heading out so I did not read the rules. Needless to say, Sunderland scored to tie the game up and I lost my Pinny bet because the live Asian Handicap soccer bet only counts action after you place the bet and not before. Because Sunderland scored the goal, my West Ham +0.5 bet was toast.

It's not something I do regularly so lessons learned.
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