Need help, I think my brother is becoming a gambling addict

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Need help, I think my brother is becoming a gambling addict

Post by vaster » Thu Sep 30, 2021 3:41 pm

I’m probably better off setting up an intervention or something, but I’m feeling completely lost. I’m looking for any advice or people who’ve had similar experiences and are willing to offer some guidance on how to handle this delicate situation.

Both my brother and I are in our mid-30s and we were both pretty successful in our careers. I’m an interior designer and he’s always been into cars. Luck would have it that we both started our own respective businesses and we were doing better than most. However, since COVID19 struck, both of us have been battling uneven income, but it’s been much harder for him because his wife is between jobs and they have twin toddlers.

Now, I’m not married so I didn’t mind lending him money without his wife knowing it for a while. He’s my brother and we’re close - we’ve always been. His wife and I aren’t on the best of terms, but I recently had a chance to go through his phone - I don’t know why I did it, probably intuition - I saw he had more than a dozen slot games on his phone.

He was generally letting himself go a bit, but I attributed it to the stress of losing business because of COVID. However, now I think he might be addicted to slots! I read this article about gambling obsession I’m not sure whether I’m overreacting or I’m on to something, but either way, I’m really scared.

To make matters worse, our dad had a serious gambling problem when we were kids, and I remember the hell we would go through trying to forget it all. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? If you have, could you please offer some guidance on next steps? I’m going out of my mind here.

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