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Post by Hacksaw » Sat Nov 09, 2019 5:14 pm

$3430 170 W, not bad for 3 dogs. Think SD beating GB lost alot of tickets. TB keeps gagging away games. Have come to realize that its their D & that blitz happy Todd Bowles that is costing TB games.

Time to look ahead, can't change the past.

TB/AZ AZ has not had a turnover in 4 g. Nothing, Zero. They are playing solid ball right now. They are competing regardless of their matchup. TB just played OT verses a tough SEA team. They should of won that game but lost. They have to travel back to the East, play 1 pm. Are they there mentally? AZ has rested. AZ is still in the hunt. TB is OUT!!!!

BUF/CLE Bills are 6-2. Cle is 2-6. Yet BUf is the dog. Everyone bet CLE to beat Den, now they think it can't happen 2 weeks in a row. BUF knows they have a problem on run D. They signed this guy Liuget to help the run D. They gonna need it cuz CLE RB Chubb is the all-star on that team. Forget OBJ. Its their running back. QB Allen is #1 in QB rating in the 4thQ. IF the Bills keep it close till then, think the Bills pull the upset. & RB Singletary should have a big game too.

GB didn't show up in LA last week. But they better this week. Car is no gimmee. No turnovers from QB Allen, keep it close & pound the ball. They should be ready.

& Min is 4/20 on road vs teams with winning record. Cousins is 6/28 vs team with winning records too.

Too many favourites are hitting. I am sensing 1 big upset this week. If only I knew which one.


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Post by sharpedgepicks » Sun Nov 10, 2019 9:21 pm

Insane week of dogs. Falcons titans dolphins and some hone dogs. Guessing a 6-figure payout regardless of the Sunday and Monday winners?

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Post by kbet » Tue Nov 12, 2019 3:10 pm

12 of 12 share Prize $186900.00, 3 Winners.

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Post by dj_destroyer » Wed Nov 13, 2019 12:23 am

Got two wrong :shock:

But to be honest I'm surprised three people won. With the amount of big dogs winning, I thought it'd be max one person or maybe even split between a bunch with one wrong, which I haven't seen in years, but guess not!

Boxed KC/TEN, ATL/NO, BAL/CIN, MIA/IND but got the SNF/MNF wrong because my strategy was always to take the favs on those games so it'd be easier to box. Not saying I necessarily would have made better picks but it certainly has made me rethink my strategy. I should go with my real selections and worry about boxing later (or better yet never). I won $1k from my box but would have been nice to get the SNF correct and box even more on the MNF (or double better yet, win both the SNF and MNF and take home ~$150k :lol: ).

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