Why should I pay for a membership?

This is a question I have been asked a lot over the last week. Usually with the approach of this is what I get for free so is it worth it for the extra?

To be honest I'm a little disappointed that so many have taken this attitude in making a decision in whether or not they should join. I had hoped that most players would ask themselves is the service provided worth the price?  For many perhaps not.  After all if you don't really believe that edges work then it would silly to pay for access to the information. Or if you're just starting out and your idea of playing proline is a couple of $2 tickets every day. Then it probably isn't worth it. But if you rely on the information on the site on a daily basis then I would hope that this would be what your decision is based on. Not on what the differences between the free and the paid pages are.

Several people have advised that I should 'cripple' the free pages to a greater extent in order to make the susbscription price more attractive. And I suppose in the end I may be forced into that position, but for now I'm trying not to. How many of you learnt how to win at proline from the online forums (BigTip, Cappers) and from the information on this site? Quite a few I'd bet. Information that was all free. There are still a lot of players just starting out who would benefit from this info in the future. I hope to make edge play information freely available for anyone new starting out..

However for those that want a breakdown I'll try to list the differences between the free pages and the members only pages.

As you can see I've tried to keep the limitations down to very little. However as time goes on I may indeed add further restrictions.

It is also a perk of membership that your username/password will enable the registered features of my ProlineParlayMaker program. If you haven't tried this then please go to the download section and install the program. There is as yet no help section so you'll have to learn with some trial and error, but stick with it and you'll find that this is a big help in your playing. Many users have told me that they believe the program itself is worth more than the price of membership.

Regardless of whether or not you decide on a membership, I hope that this site has been and will continue to be an aid in your proline plays.